Welcome to Chung Hong Electronics Poland

Chung Hong Electronics Poland is member of ChungHong Holdings Limited a service provider of one-stop printed circuit board assembly (“PCBA”) and original equipment manufacturing (“OEM”) solutions for the electronics industry from 1996. Our major customers include LG Group, the Samsung Group, TPV, Logitech and Kingston, all of which are leading players in the electronics industry. Our customers’ end products include LCD and CRT TVs, monitors, computer mouse and digital photo frame.

Our production facilities are located in the PRC and in Europe in Poland. Our products are sold to customers in the PRC, Korea, Taiwan, Poland and Canada. Our five production facilities are located in Suzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Yantai in China and in Poland, located in Biskupice Pogórne near Wrocław, which are in close proximity to our major customers. Currently, our production facilities occupy a combined floor area of approximately 86,402 sq m and we have a total staff strength (including contract workers) of over 2,600.

As a testament to our high quality manufacturing services, we have received numerous customer awards such as the LG Group and from the Samsung Group. In addition, we have achieved ISO9001, QS-9000 and ISO14001 certifications in recognition of our quality management systems.

We offer customised solutions and an efficient manufacturing network that enable our customers to increase their efficiency, lower their costs and achieve greater success in the market place. Through our total PCBA and OEM solutions, we are dedicated to creating solid partnerships with our customers.